Lush Green Garden- Reasons to Hire Professional Services…

Tapping into the Knowledge of a Lawn Care Professional

The battle to build lush, green gardens requires more than planting some flowers and moving along, even when the initial work is done by a lawn or garden professional. Simply, planning and planting a garden does not guarantee a manicured and beautiful backyard for years to come. Continued work is required.

Perennial blossoms and beautiful blooms come from regular maintenance. There are few shortcuts, but a lot of secrets when it comes to this maintenance. The best way to guarantee a backyard garden that will benefit your family and visitors down the road is to invest in a professional lawn care or garden service.

Decision to Hire a Lawn Care Professional

Some property owners find great joy in tending a backyard garden. There are entire books written on the health and mental benefits of gardening and the relaxation that comes from this outdoor work. However, most people do not have the interest or time for the immense care a garden requires.

If you do not have the green thumb needed to help your plants thrive year after year, the necessary maintenance of a garden should be handled by professional lawn care services. Often, delegating some or all of the gardening tasks is well worth the cost of these companies, and there is a level of skill and experience that most property owners do not possess especially when it comes to hedge trimming & maintenance.



Most of the gardening’s tricks are learned through trial and error. Other gardening techniques are learned through previous work with the same or similar plants. There are also articles and books that discuss the preferences and requirements of various backyard plants, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Unlike most homeowners, experienced professionals will have the insight and knowledge to foster a particular plant or coax a failing plant back to life.

Even for those homeowners who prefer to do daily gardening on their own, certain gardening tasks are best left to professionals. These may include heavy lifting or significant improvements. For example, adding a water feature, installing or repairing an irrigation system, setting a new walkway, or doing the semiannual mulching of flower beds.

As well, if a particular plant or section of the garden appears to be struggling over a season or more, it is likely time to call a professional. A professional can assess what necessary nutrients or climate elements are lacking for those plants to thrive. Alternatively, most homeowners would become frustrated at the task of guessing and checking what these plants need.





Specific Knowledge of Lawn Care Services

 Lawn and garden professionals know the proper techniques and skills for cutting back, trimming, and pruning different plants. Regular trimming and pruning is required to maintain the beautiful nature of a backyard garden, and can also be required to keep a plant healthy. This applies in particular when it comes to trimming woody plants, such as shrubs.

 A professional knows how to confirm that roots are developing, plants are properly blossoming, and what to do if these important features are not growing as planned.

Long-Term Love from a Professional Gardener

A healthy and long-lasting garden requires patience and time. While it can be designed and planted in a single season, perennial plants, shrubs, and trees that form the basis for a lush garden require years to mature and develop. Therefore, in the first season, a gardener or garden professional must be diligent in maintenance and pay extra attention to the health of these plants.

Over the first few years, it is important to check that drainage, irrigation and sunlight are delivered in correct amounts to the plants in your garden. If there was a miscalculation or a particular plant is floundering, it might be time to try something different. Professionals understand this process and help homeowners navigate the fickle nature of individual plants and flowers.

Healthy lush garden

Learning from a Lawn Care Professional 

One of the biggest benefits of engaging a professional lawn care or gardening service is observing and learning the techniques they use. Homeowners can obtain a lot of information for the future by asking questions while gardeners and lawn care professionals are on the property.

If you have considered handling the majority of your garden and lawn care work on your own, it is worthwhile to learn from a professional what your specific plants require. These concerns may include how much water is necessary, how to trim and cut back plants, and when or whether to prepare for frost or other changes in the weather. Consequently, this will prevent loss of plants and flowers down the road.

Find Out The Most Recent Trends in The Solar Power Industry!


The solar power industry has never taken a step back since its launch and is evolving to the utmost heights every single day. The price of the solar panels has been decreased to more than 75% since 2009. The reduction in prices accounts for the increase in proficiency, quality and improved efficiency of panels, as well as enhanced efficiency in the manufacturing procedure. 2017 will be another powerful and trendsetting year for solar power and other renewable energy resources.
So what’s up in 2017. Let’s take a look at some of the highly expected trends in the solar industry this year.

Merger of Photovoltaic with Transportation

Image of a solar powered car

With the hike in fuel prices and political crisis on the coal sources, the transportation trends will quickly take turns towards the application of photovoltaic cells/ batteries. It’s been predicted that solar power energy and transportation will go hand in hand this year. As with the merger of Tesla Motors Inc. with SolarCity Crop, the launch of electrically powered by solar cells is definitely in order. Furthermore, even right here in Australia, solar retail giants like Euro Solar have already started cooperating with local car manufactures to look in to such possibilities. Visit Euro Solar Facebook page for more information.

Paris Agreement to Combat Environmental Challenges

Image of Paris agreement speaker

Paris agreement which was signed in 2012 is now going to reinforce its points. With the closure of nuclear plants in Germany, there will be a need for substantial investments in the renewable energy production. In 2017, expansion of photovoltaic will pave its way to replacing all current non-renewable energy generation resources.

China – The Super Power of Solar Energy, will Lead the Policy Making Process of Solar Industry

China has surpassed all the levels of renewable energy generation over the past few years and has left all the major developed countries like America, Switzerland and Germany far behind. According to a recent report published by Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, China has raised foreign investment on renewable energy by more than 60% and reached to a total of $32 billion. China is now at the top of the mountain. With more than 3.5 million renewable energy jobs out of 8.1 million available globally, China is working with the highest manpower in this sector. As per its clean energy department, China will produce more 13 million jobs with its 5-year plan (2016- 2020).


With such advancements and leading numbers, 2017 will be the shining chance for China to take its position to another level. It has an excellent opportunity to lead from the front and make policies about solar power generation.

US Government’s Take on Renewable Energy

The US has always been a step behind China in the solar power industry. It is predicted that the President-elect Donald Trump will give the go-ahead for the investments and manufacture of PV this year. Application of solar power panels and photovoltaic batteries can make any country self-sufficient, productive, and independent. And the new President-elect loves it all and so do all the Americans. In addition to that, with the implication of right political policies on this subject, Tesla can increase the sales of batteries. Thus making the Americans home off-grid.

Trends in the Designing and Aesthetics of Solar Panels

Image of Solar Panels

Considering the complaints of present consumers of solar panels, more stylish and aesthetically appealing solar panels (possessing more enhanced efficiency) will be sold in the market in 2017. According to Eurosolar case study, Euro Solar, Australia’s leading solar panel retailer, has already started introducing some of these to the market.  A few of such choices are as follows,

Glass Panels

These solar panels will work on the basis of silicon cell technology. These are not only visually attractive but are also more strong and long lasting than those of silicon solar panels.

Skin Design

This is going to be the best among all designs of solar panels. Skin Design work with the concept of giving a customised look to the solar panels, as per the aesthetics of your roof. It can work both ways, as you can customise it in a way that poses a contrasting style to your roof, or match with the pattern and shingles of your roof. This revolutionary product is expected to launch in US markets this year.

Tesla’s Solar Panels

Tesla has introduced four new innovative designs of PV shingles. These aesthetically appealing and perfectly blending tiles are Tuscan glass, textured glass, smooth glass, and slate glass tiles. These ground-breaking designs will definitely stand out in the market, as nothing like this is coming out in 2017. The unconventional and unrecognisable design of PV tiles gives liberty to the homeowners to own a solar system without posting any apparently noticeable difference. These tiles are substantially more stronger and durable as compared to the normal roof materials available in the market.